Monday, April 18, 2005

Spring in Maine

It's spring in Maine. This is something of a miracle. Anyone who has lived through a winter in Maine knows this. So the crocuses are blooming and it's warm enough to walk outside with a jacket, not 15 layers of clothing so you can't bend your arms.

I get inspired by lots of spring Maine things...mostly ferns and spring peepers and flowers. One year I did several paintings with spring peepers in them. That's how I got into the frog characters that are in a lot of my watercolors. I ended up donating one of those paintings to our local chapter of Habitat for Humanity for an auction to help fund a Habitat House here in my town. Now every time I hear the spring peepers I think of that Habitat House as well as enjoying the sound... I hope the folks living in the house have some spring peepers nearby to listen to, too.

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