Saturday, January 28, 2006

Hatching a Plan...

Oh...I'd love to get my website featured in Daily Candy. Do you have a secret side that likes scheming and plotting? Well, maybe you'd enjoy helping me.

First of all, Daily Candy is a daily email that is sent to probably tens of thousand of people, maybe more--by request only (it's NOT spam). They feature a different website every day that might have things, services etc. of interest to people. Ok this is a bad description, so if anyone can do better, do so by adding a clarifying comment below.

Anyway, apparently Daily Candy is awesome press for small businesses. And they actually feature you free, which is becoming more and more unusual in our world of advertising and product placement. It's just really tough to "get in".

So here's where my plan comes in. I want to be featured on Daily Candy. If you really like my work and my website, you can help by going here:
Daily Candy's submission page and choosing story ideas & tips from the popdown menu. Then suggest my website, (not this blog, of course). Then post a comment here letting me know you did just that.

I'll be overjoyed! Then, if this works, and enough people suggest me, perhaps they will feature me. If they feature me, I'll send someone who posted here as suggesting me a free sample pack of Fern House Studio cards. The winner will be picked at random. It is just a small thank you for taking the time to bother to mention my website. I really, truly appreciate any and everybody's efforts! And I always appreciate everyone's kind comments and encouragement of my work. That's really the point, putting my work out there to make people smile and enjoy.

Coming soon

Polar Bear Puppet
Originally uploaded by Fern House Studio.
This polar bear puppet will be appearing on the handmade page of my site next week. A chilly sweetie that will warm your heart. The body sports a light blue square/dot pattern that is reminiscent of ice cubes, with light blue velvet trim and a light blue velvet blanket stitched bear tail in back. He's still in season, though we've had a warm winter here by Maine Standards.

He's up! You can find him here.

I'm working on many new hand and finger puppets for spring. I'l be updating my website frequently during late March thru June, so check in often. There will be lot sof sneak peeks here as my creations are completed.

25 handpuppets are in the works, including two new owls, several new kitty designs, and an alligator with a super cool body.

I'm very excited about the new work, despite that fact that today I am sleepy and not very motivated. My birthday is Monday, and maybe I'm not so thrilled about turning a year older. On the other hand, I should be happy to be alive! Enough of this rambling, off to important business: I'm going to take a nap.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Endangered Kitty Puppet...HELP!

Asian Print Kitty
Originally uploaded by Fern House Studio.
Oh my gosh! Uplifting Arts has used one of my kitty puppets to make a handbag. Save the Kitty Puppets, Eat Tofu...Peace,love... and puppets!

Seriously, speaking of Uplifting Arts, look at these cool buttons there! I love these and am tempted to get some to embellish my puppets with. The turtles are very cool, and there are some cool owl ones, too. The koi are my favorites, but are sold out.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Illustration Friday: Cats

This catty post is a detail from a larger painting of mine called Twilight Time. Do you think the cat knows the bird is there?

Monday, January 16, 2006

One of the Wild Women

Originally uploaded by Fern House Studio.
As per popular request, here's a closer look at one of the colored pencil drawings above the window of my studio. You can see a few more at my Flickr page. Unfortunately, they are a bit too big for my scanner, and I don't have a digital camera (can you believe it!?-- also no cell phone--I'm crazy enough without that crap). Anyway, here's a taste and I'll try to get my hands on my boyfriend's digital camera to get some more shots in the future.

I've been saving these Ladies...I've got quite a few of them. I'm not quite sure what I'm going to do with them-- probably I'll end up incorporating them into some other creative project, though they are quite lovely on their own. Another thought I had was to dry mount them on foamcore and frame them somehow. They have sort of a paper doll feel. Any more ideas?

Saturday, January 14, 2006

studio friday: i spy...

studio 2
Originally uploaded by Fern House Studio.
i spy a UFO out the window (OK, its really the relfection of the lamp, but humor me!)

Illustration Friday: E is for Elemental

atomic circles 1
Originally uploaded by Fern House Studio.
This little Space Age Painting in gouache, colored pencil and mixed media is elemental in so many ways--it works with the elements of design (shape, color, line), and there's something very elemental about getting out your art supplies and going for it to create something full of life and energy.

Atomic Circles by Christina Heiniger
[warning, blatant self-promotion] E is also for Etsy, these are fer sale at my etsy shop.

Monday, January 09, 2006

...And The Winner Is...

The winner of the card drawing from all of you wonderful people who posted your favorite for my next card design is...

Dawn Anderson of Lark Studio.

Congratulations, Dawn!

And thanks, everyone, for your help.

And the card design with the most votes was Kiss from Above. So that will be the next Fern House Studio card. Look out for it.

I'll be posting more giveways at random, so check back in at my blog now & then.

Monday, January 02, 2006

Help me chose my next card design

You can WIN a free pack of Fern House Studio cards by helping me choose my next new card design for spring. Just post a comment below as to which design you think I should use for my next card. On January 9th I'll choose a winner at random from all those who posted.

Kiss from Above


Golden Kiss

I've already got one new card for Valentine's Day up at my website. So if you're looking for that special card for your sweetie, check it out.

I'm looking forward to getting your feedback, and good luck in the drawing.