Saturday, January 28, 2006

Coming soon

Polar Bear Puppet
Originally uploaded by Fern House Studio.
This polar bear puppet will be appearing on the handmade page of my site next week. A chilly sweetie that will warm your heart. The body sports a light blue square/dot pattern that is reminiscent of ice cubes, with light blue velvet trim and a light blue velvet blanket stitched bear tail in back. He's still in season, though we've had a warm winter here by Maine Standards.

He's up! You can find him here.

I'm working on many new hand and finger puppets for spring. I'l be updating my website frequently during late March thru June, so check in often. There will be lot sof sneak peeks here as my creations are completed.

25 handpuppets are in the works, including two new owls, several new kitty designs, and an alligator with a super cool body.

I'm very excited about the new work, despite that fact that today I am sleepy and not very motivated. My birthday is Monday, and maybe I'm not so thrilled about turning a year older. On the other hand, I should be happy to be alive! Enough of this rambling, off to important business: I'm going to take a nap.

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