Tuesday, August 19, 2008

...in an etsy treasury

Hey! Jennifer Judd-McGee featured my finger puppets in an etsy treasury. This helps me have better feelings towards etsy, which I adore, but get **etsy frustration** with because I cannot get people to find my store. Hopefully this will help. Thanks Jen!

Other warm etsy feelings: thanks to the kind etsy folks who replied to a forum thread I posted there, I have found something very covetted (by me anyway) I've been looking for forever on ebay... all will be told if I win the auction.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Another Fairy Picture and Upcoming Show

This little lady has already been sold. Everyone at Directions Fine Craft Show seemed to go right to her and pick her up. Her hair is handdyed yarn from String Theory Yarn in Blue Hill, Maine and the bead she's holding is from my friend Ginger Manna's art, craft & bead store , Bella Colore, Water Street in Blue Hill. Ginger's store is awesome, stop by if you are local!

My next gig: Saturday, August 23 Designing Women Show & Sale
Atlantic Oakes Conference Center, Bar Harbor, Maine. 9am – 4pm.

These are the wonderful artists that will be showing there:
Suzanne Anderson
Jo Diggs
Lisa Eaton
Patricia Eastman
Sister Bette Edl
Kendra Haskell
Susan Hellier
Mary Ann Ingalls
Annette Kearney
Jen Kovach
Bev Lamoureux
Woodhouse/Katy Lane
Pam LeBlanc
Ginger Manna
Dinae Manzi
Wendilee Heath O'Brien
Linda Perrin
Sandy Spiller
Judy Tripp
Sue Watson
Lynn Winters
Stephanie Crossman
Karen Turdo
Melissa Mattes
Linden O'Ryan
Christina Heiniger
Martha Whitener

Sunday, August 17, 2008

New Look

I finally updated to the new way to edit on Blogger, using layout instead of the template. I'm not sure it's an improvement, and I did lose a lot of links and buttons that I'm having trouble recreating. But the upside is I could mess with the colors and add a picture by my title. Hopefully it will work out for a better blog. Happy blogging everyone... I'll keep working on this ditty to get it looking the best it can.

Technorati profile

I'm claiming my blog on technorati, which should help more people find me. You can see my technorati profile here: Technorati Profile

Friday, August 15, 2008

New pix

I just got back a bunch of delightful pictures from my photographer of my fairy & gnome finger puppets that I set up with some props I brought from around my house. These are eventually going to be a line of postcards for sale. I'll post afew of these cool pix now and again in the next few weeks ( so check back). Here are couple to start off...

This sweet fairy hanging out on my grandma's pincushion is holding a tiny Russian doll. Her hair is done up Princess Leia style, in two coiled buns on either side of her head. I used String Theory's handdyed yarn for her hair. Everything about her is SPUNKY.

These little guys hiding in my marker container are actually gnome finger puppets, not my studio assistants, as my boyfriend tries to insinuate. Whenever I ask them to help out in the studio, they stare at me in stoney silence. I think they're more interested in playing. Dressed in a real acorn caps and orange-ish colored shirts.

If you've fallen in love with either of these, they can be found at my etsy shop.

If you're in my area, please come visit with me at the Open Studio my boyfriend Phil Frey & I are having at his Studio in Sullivan, Maine-- Saturday August 16th, 11am-3pm.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Yipee & Yikes

The Directions Show was fun, well-attended and a great show for me. My boyfriend and I managed to get me set up just before a heavy downpour on Friday. The show was busy right away at 5pm on Friday, and then steady sales thoughout. I was pleased to sell a variety of things... my fairies, cards and felt wallets were particular hits. The little fish wallets like the one at left are now all gone. At one point I heard someone in my booth saying, "This is a busy little booth!" to their friends.

A few quirks of the weekend: the show was held at MDI High School, my alma mater (is that two t's or one?). So I was singing "Memories, light the corners of my mind..." during set-up. Same gym I graduated in was where I spent the weekend talking to customers and seeing familair and new faces. Martha Stewart, who has a summer home nearby, attended the show. Of course I missed seeing her walk past, as I was busy checking people out, and had to be told about it by the vendors around me later. Sunday there was very dramatic weather: heavy downpours and thunder showers in the afternoon which caused lights to flicker and brownout at one point, but fortunately no electricity loss. However, by the time 5pm breakdown rolled around, the sun was shining and I was relieved to be breathing "non-gym" air.

All-in-all a very successful and enjoyable weekend.

Next up: August 16th, Open Studio with Philip Frey (my sweetheart),Cedar Lane, Sullivan, Maine. 11am - 3pm. Info 422.2008 Featuring acclaimed Maine landscapes in acrylic by Philip Frey and new works on paper by yours truly Christina Heiniger.