Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Yipee & Yikes

The Directions Show was fun, well-attended and a great show for me. My boyfriend and I managed to get me set up just before a heavy downpour on Friday. The show was busy right away at 5pm on Friday, and then steady sales thoughout. I was pleased to sell a variety of things... my fairies, cards and felt wallets were particular hits. The little fish wallets like the one at left are now all gone. At one point I heard someone in my booth saying, "This is a busy little booth!" to their friends.

A few quirks of the weekend: the show was held at MDI High School, my alma mater (is that two t's or one?). So I was singing "Memories, light the corners of my mind..." during set-up. Same gym I graduated in was where I spent the weekend talking to customers and seeing familair and new faces. Martha Stewart, who has a summer home nearby, attended the show. Of course I missed seeing her walk past, as I was busy checking people out, and had to be told about it by the vendors around me later. Sunday there was very dramatic weather: heavy downpours and thunder showers in the afternoon which caused lights to flicker and brownout at one point, but fortunately no electricity loss. However, by the time 5pm breakdown rolled around, the sun was shining and I was relieved to be breathing "non-gym" air.

All-in-all a very successful and enjoyable weekend.

Next up: August 16th, Open Studio with Philip Frey (my sweetheart),Cedar Lane, Sullivan, Maine. 11am - 3pm. Info 422.2008 Featuring acclaimed Maine landscapes in acrylic by Philip Frey and new works on paper by yours truly Christina Heiniger.

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