Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Yet Another Show

It's that time of year where I do a show almost every weekend. This one coming up is a very special one: The Maine Crafts Guild Directions Craft Show at the Mount Desert Island High School this coming weekend August 1, 2 & 3 (Friday, Saturday and Sunday)

I'm so pleased to be involved in the Directions Show. I've been going to the show as a customer since I was in High School (I was a craft geek at that age-- always a trendsetter). I always considered Directions the Gold Standard of Craft Shows around here, and never would have dreamed as a High School kid that I would some day be selling my work there. So I'm very honored to be there for the second year.

This is the official info:
33rd Annual Directions Fine Crafts Show, Mount Desert Island High School, Route 233 (Eagle Lake Road), 5 miles from Bar Harbor. Friday Evening Aug. 1st 5-9pm, Saturday & Sunday Aug. 2 & 3 10am - 5pm. Meet Maine's finest professional craft designers and artists in this show featuring over 70 artisans and everything from gold jewelry to felted slippers.


Mountain Mom Alison said...

Thank you Fern Lady for visiting my blog! Iced Caps are cold, slushy capuccinos. Quite yummy.

kim said...

Nice to meet you fern lady, stop in again any time

Anonymous said...

Hello Fern Lady,

I am smiling as I read about the Artisans Craft Fair. As a handspinner and fibre artist, designer and knitter, I know setting up in the rain can be hair-raising either inside or outside.
I, too, had two booths in the gym at Bath Junior High and returned for an inside graduation. Rain on my graduation from High School!
Did not sell much but caught up with a lot of friends; I knew the market would not support my handspun yarns. I went for it anyway just to gain personable exposure; not many knitters in the shoppers. It was a Christmas Fair and ran for two days and everyone feel in love with my yarns; but no time to knit or crochet and who ever would think to give yarn as a gift?!?
I stopped not because of the lack of sales but the lights in the gym made everything I had and the others vendors look hidiously Orange. It was about 3yrs of setting up when a flash bulb went off in a memory of gym class clicked. We all looked ill after we suited up and entered the gym.
Thanks Jog the Memory

Cheryl Virginia