Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Next Gig

My next upcoming event is my mom's church's fair, The Downeast Fair, celebrating it's 50th year this year! Amazing! I remember going to it as a kid and getting the lemon with a candy stick in it. Just the thought of sucking lemon juice thru a candy straw now makes me shudder! But anyway, I'll be there, with a limited selection of my things--mostly cards, prints and puppets. It's the 50th Annual Downeast Fair at Church of Our Father, Hulls Cove, Maine. Saturday July 19th. Starts at 9am and gets over around 2pm or 3pm.

I've got several new print designs and hopefully I'll have them from my framer in time to sell there. The Owl Acrobatics above is one of them.

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