Sunday, July 20, 2008

It's A Maine Thing

My friend and fellow dreamer-up-of-ideas Leslie Harlowe just emailed me about her blog It's A Maine Thing-- Hezzy's Blog. It's a neat blog about Maine and Maine facts, adventures, cultural events and the like. Leslie also co-owns and operates a really cool place called The Maine Grind, a coffee bar in this rockin' (renovated) old Masonic Hall. We have these things called "Odd Fellows Halls" and "Masonic Halls" in Maine and they are the greatest old buildings. Almost always very big, and built at a time when people were not concerned about high energy prices. They always have lots of charm! I think that a photographer could have a wonderful time going around photographing these old buildings. There's a neat one in Sullivan, Maine, right near my boyfriend's place that's now a gallery/antiques place caled Art & Old Things.

But I digress, do check out Leslie's blog if you're a lover of Maine, arts & culture or sailing. Sure to please.

Another local blog I came upon today is Ken and Linda Perrin's new blog about their Ellsworth business called Atlantic Art Glass. They do fabulous blown glass and their new blog has lots of impressive and fancy content. Very intriguing and fun writing on there, too... go click that link right now and check it out.

Both these blog's are linked to in my sidebar under artsy, craftsy and fun links, so you can always get there from here.

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