Sunday, August 28, 2005

Omondieu rings are on sale

Have you seen Omondieu's flower rings? They are really fun--silk flowers on a clear flexible plastic ring. I got one for my sisiter for her birthday & she loved it. They're having a sale on their website until August 31st 40% OFF which is pretty good, as their rings only cost about $35. --thought I'd pass on their info they sent me.
Use coupon code 508053022 when you check out to get the discount.

Have fun shopping...

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Illustration Friday: Dreams

Oh, I could've used so many of my drawings for this, as many of them have a really dream-like feeling. But I went for this one that I drew a couple of years ago, a dream that my late-dog Zeke was the King Of Fern House. I'd written a caption under it that said, "Zeke • King of Fern House ~ Do You Want to Go Out?"

Posted for Illustration Friday. It's lots of fun, check it out!

Friday, August 26, 2005

Promo surprise

Look at these cool promos that Sarah at The Small Object sent me!
We did a little promo swap. So now when you order something from me, I can include this cute "Classmates & Neighbors" set of 4 blank notes from Sarah in your package. They are the sweetest little guys (and gals) doodled out of fingerprints. How cool is that?!

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Drumroll, please...

So much has been going on in my life that I forgot to choose the card winner from all you kind folks who gave me feedback on which prints to offer--so...
I'm doing it today.

Just so you you know, the winner was chosen totally at random... I even wrote everyone's name on a little slip of paper and put it in a box and drew one out--no kidding-- to keep it totally fair.

And the winner is...
INDIA ROMEO , a fellow indie business owner from the switchboards.

India Romeo has a great website and blog , too, so please visit there.

She'll receive a sample pack of one of each of my cards. Yay! Stay tuned, there are random opportunities to win things from me, so don't despair.

Thanks to everyone who posted their opinion... it was very enlightening, actually.

Latest things to drool over

My latest things to drool over..
Poppi's wonderful rings, bracelets and earrings. I am lucky to own her spectrum (rainbow) roe ring, but it's like one isn't enough--so many delightful colors and styles to choose from. I think right now this pallette, earthtones and earthy things, is pleasing me most--must be that fall is in the air!

I also adore Stephanie Sersich's ornate lampwork glass beads and jewelry. Just yummy! She's also a Maine-based artist (from Portland, Maine), so I see her work around a lot.
(Do you think Santa reads blogs?--Wait... do you think I'm too old for Santa? hee hee)

Friday, August 19, 2005

Random musings

Well, I made 96 fingerpuppets for this summer, and I am officially out of stock! The good news: I'm making more and creating a few new characters that will be up on my site in September. I'm not going to give away the surprise, but they are way cool!

Modern Postcard has revamped their site, and they are giving away 1000 free postcards to a lucky person who gives them feedback on their site. I get all my card printing done by them, and have been quite happy with the work they do and their prices.

I discovered Tiny Showcase this week. I love this site...they print a limited edition small print every week by a different artist and sell it for less than the price of a new CD. Just my thing-- to make art affordable for everyone. I am pining to design a print for them!

Have a fun and relaxing weekend everyone.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005


Yay! prints are here on my site! The first 4 images are up. Thanks so much everyone for helping me choose and more to come. Every other week or so I'll post a new one for sale on my art page. (PS don't forget to reload the page if you can't see the new work on the art page)

I've set up an etsy store. Has some things on it that you can't find on my site.

Monday, August 15, 2005

just some fun things

Here are a few fun fiber arts things I've found recently while trolling the internet far too long for my own good! Felt pins by nfelt on Cut + Paste. Apparently these were inspired by Trix cereal. They do look yummy. I so love felted things!

I absolutley adore these wall hangings by Patty Olds of Seven Scrolls She's also a Maine-based artist and has her work at one of the galleries I show at here in Maine.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Prints! Help me pick...

• Hooray! Prints will soon be available of some of my more popular designs. •

I'll start with 4 images, then a new print will be added to my site every other week. I could really use your help in choosing which images of my work to offer as prints.

I've posted a few thumbnails of some options here. You can click on the links to the titles to see a bigger version. Then post below and let me know which ones you'd like to see avaiable as prints on my site... or just give your 2cents as to which you think would sell best as prints.

The choices above are: Summer Night (Skylie's Pic), The Four Dharma Friends Plus One, Little Owl, The Four Friends, Hitching A Ride, Peaceful Crane and Finding A Friend.

Also you can browse the art page of my site and let me know if there are particular originals of my work on the art page that you'd like to see as a print and leave me a comment with the title here.

As a thank you for taking the time to look and comment, I'll choose (at random) one person who posts here to win a free pack of Fern House Studio cards .

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Find the Steal

Which one could it be?!

There are 3 new "small works on paper" on the art page of my website. These are small affordable gems of little paintings. Every time I update this section, I add one "steal"--a specially priced there's one there now (for only $16!). First person to get it in their cart and checked out gets it. It's a bit of a shell game--you have to click around on those small works to see which is the steal.

These little affordable pieces of original art are my way of saying thanks for stopping by my site and blog.

It's hard to get a sense of the wonderful texture and color of these pieces seeing them on the computer screen. To give you a better idea, here's what Becca, who snatched up the last "steal", had to say about hers when she got it: "Hi Christina. Got my “bargain” painting and really like it. Not surprisingly, the real thing is even more interesting and complex than the Web image."

So, quick, stop reading this and go find the steal. ***SORRY! THE STEAL HAS BEEN SNATCHED UP (this time within 20 minutes!)***--try again in a couple of weeks.

(PS If you've been to my site before, you may need to refresh your browser to see the new work)

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Illustration Friday: Empty

My Illustration Friday Post for the week~ Topic: Empty. This is a collage and drawing that came out of some subconcious part of my mind. Hard to explain it...better not to try. Titled, "Is Her Cup Empty or Full?"

Christmas in July

I recently participated in a fun Christmas in July swap through The Switchboards. My secret pal was Tricia of sevensixdesigns . She sent me some really cool cards. I like these circle ones the best--she must've known I like circles! These cards look like they are handprinted, perhaps with a print Gocco? Maybe Tricia will see this post and enlighten us as to how she made these cool designs.

Open Studio a Success!

My boyfriend Philip and I had a very successful open studio this Sunday at his studio. I think we had about 150 visitors and sales were very good to excellent. Thanks to everyone who came-- I soappreciate the support of all who came to browse and shop! We had a wonderful, sunny day, too. Special thanks to my mom (aka Sweatshop Ursula), Aunt Ruth & Uncle Rolf, Phil Frey and his lovely parents Mickey and Jim for all their help. More pictures to come when I get my old-fashioned film developed.

Saturday, August 06, 2005

August Card Winner!

Fern House Studio's August card winner is Momo of-- Hong Kong! (The internet is an amazing thing, isn't it?) She has a wonderful blog to visit, by the way.
Sign up here to enter our monthly card drawing and receive Fern House Studio's enewsletter. I also enter folks who purchase work from my website into the drawing.

Momo will receive a sample pack of 6 of my cards, as well as some neat things from other indie businesses.
This Fiddlehead Fern image is one of the card designs she'll find in her package.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Open Studio

Please Note: I will NOT be at the Schoodic Art Show on Saturday as planned, as I'm recovering from some medical stuff. Hope to see you at the Open Studio (pray for good weather!-- but we'll be there rain or shine and most of the event is indoors-- so come no matter the weather.)

Open Studio

Sunday, August 7 from 1 - 6 pm 

Featuring Recent Paintings by

Philip Frey
Christina Heiniger

Philip Frey Studio
Sullivan, Maine