Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Drumroll, please...

So much has been going on in my life that I forgot to choose the card winner from all you kind folks who gave me feedback on which prints to offer--so...
I'm doing it today.

Just so you you know, the winner was chosen totally at random... I even wrote everyone's name on a little slip of paper and put it in a box and drew one out--no kidding-- to keep it totally fair.

And the winner is...
INDIA ROMEO , a fellow indie business owner from the switchboards.

India Romeo has a great website and blog , too, so please visit there.

She'll receive a sample pack of one of each of my cards. Yay! Stay tuned, there are random opportunities to win things from me, so don't despair.

Thanks to everyone who posted their opinion... it was very enlightening, actually.

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