Monday, August 15, 2005

just some fun things

Here are a few fun fiber arts things I've found recently while trolling the internet far too long for my own good! Felt pins by nfelt on Cut + Paste. Apparently these were inspired by Trix cereal. They do look yummy. I so love felted things!

I absolutley adore these wall hangings by Patty Olds of Seven Scrolls She's also a Maine-based artist and has her work at one of the galleries I show at here in Maine.


Aimee "Roo" said...

oh how cute! there are far too many cute things online though, don't you think? i can spend hours looking at all the great crafts.

good luck with your etsy shop! i am on there too, i like it so far, but i think it is still in the early stages. it will become more and more popular as more people join the fun. :)

Fern Lady said...

Aimee, I would love to check out your Etsy shop--what's the link? (you are right, there are far too many cute things out there!)