Wednesday, August 17, 2005


Yay! prints are here on my site! The first 4 images are up. Thanks so much everyone for helping me choose and more to come. Every other week or so I'll post a new one for sale on my art page. (PS don't forget to reload the page if you can't see the new work on the art page)

I've set up an etsy store. Has some things on it that you can't find on my site.


allison paskett said...

ooh! i am going to look right now!

momo said...

congratulations on the etsy store! =)

christina, i got your lovely cards and other goodies in the mail the other day! thank you so so much! =) i love them all!!


Fern Lady said...

Oh, you're very welcome, Momo--Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

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Fern Lady said...

Oh My God! I'm being spammed to death--help--does anybody know how I can block this blog spam?!

Aimee "Roo" said...

i'm not sure how to block them, but you can delete them. i've noticed some others getting them too, i had some myself. i just delete them.

maybe we all need to email blogger and let them know.

i like your shop too by the way! oooh, it makes me wish that i had tons of money. i would love to buy one of your prints. i love the one with the frog.

best of luck with your shop!

Fern Lady said...

Ah, yes...I can delete them--took me a minute to figure out just to click on the trash can. I haven't had to delete comments before! Thanks, Aimee.

Meg said...

I am happy you set up an Etsy store! I hope it proves to be beneficial for you!

Fern Lady said...

Well Meg, you inspired me, your Etsy store is great!