Monday, October 31, 2005

Gorgeous photos

I'm quite taken with this blog whcih I recently came upon. Wonderful crafty projects and she takes amazingly gorgeous photos! Lots of color, which I really love to see. Very well done, Tsaiware!

Sneak Peek # 3 Snow Lion

Meet the Tibetan Snow Lion. This little guy will be up for sale on my site later this week.

What's a Snow Lion you ask? Well, he's a mythical creature from Tibetan Buddhist Folklore... a white lion with a green mane.

Here's a bit of right-on info about Snow Lions from Snow Lion Publication's website (Snow Lion Publications publishes Buddhist books, images and the like-- a great resource):

"The name "Snow Lion"originates from a mystical animal that has great significance in Tibetan culture as the national symbol of Tibet. Two lively snow lions appear on the Tibetan National Flag. They are fearless and valiant and indicate the complete victory over all obstacles. They represent the strong vitality of the Tibetan people who revere the Three Precious Gems- the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha. Elsewhere the lions appear supporting the thrones of various deities and symbolize the strength and fearlessness of those who have perfect wisdom and compassion."

I hope my little creation can do justice to that.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

More insanity

If I was sane normal person I would wait until Halloween is over to post this. But I'm more like a Christmas-looney crazed misfit, so I have to point out these lovely ornaments from Garnet Hill

Speaking of Garnet Hill, I so want this shirt:

Ok, now that I've said it, I feel better.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Fairy House

Fairy House 2
Originally uploaded by Fern House Studio.
My boyfriend Phil and I made a fairyhouse a few weeks ago... on a whim. I've got more pictures of it on my Flickr page, but this shot shows the "people" Phil made with green hair from pine needles. He even carved little faces on them with his pocket knife. Such a Boyscout! I, meanwhile, did all the construction and landscaping (sigh!) :) It's fun to do these types of ephemeral projects. I love the work of Andy Goldsworthy, which seems to be not so far from making fairyhouses.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Sneak Peek # 2

This very 50's Retro Robot finger puppet will be up on my site next week. There's only one--he's kind of special. I was thinking of those tin robot toys from the 50's when I made him. The antennae are made from plastic-coated wire. I painted him red after a vintage robot toy I saw on Antiques Roadshow a few weeks ago. He's kind of a friendly robot--not so scary. Boy, I'll tell ya, it was hard getting the square shape with the Creative Paperclay! But a fun challenge and I'm pleased with the result, if I may say so. I think someone will be very happy with this little guy.

Speaking of retro stuff, I got this really cool wallet by Tiny Meat at my favorite shoe store nearby (ShoeGazer). You can see their wallets here . They don't have the one I got up on their site, a 50's family in a red van going on a family trip. But I like this one from their site: My only improvement on these would be not to have "Tiny Meat" written on them so prominently. It's a little over the top, for my taste. But their wallets are very cool and outrageously inexpensive at $12 each!

Meet Millie

This is Millie:

Millie is my new sweet friend. She arrived from Washington, where she was made by the talented Karen of Kraf-o-la. I'm so happy to have Millie among all the creatures here at Fern House Studio. And thank goodness she has a scarf! It's getting cold here in Maine.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

This just in!

Just a quick note to say that new fingerpuppets have appeared at the Fern House Studio store. View all the thumbnails here.Or see them individually...

... also for collectors, I now sell the stands for the fingerpuppets on my website.

Wonderful stocking stuffers: Felted carrot pens, felted pens in lovely felt cases, more fingerpuppets. Soon to be back in the store [maybe as early as tomorrow] are these finger puppet favorites: foxy, dinos, squirrel with acorn, piggy, lion & rooster. And several new ones coming, too.

Have a relaxing end to your week


Tuesday, October 18, 2005

New newer newest

Got some wonderful, and very inexpensive, silver earrings from this Etsy seller.

Etsy is so great, isn't it?! Have your tried the search by color feature? It's too fun-- really-- watch it: it's a real time sucker! The latest cool Etsy search tool is this. I guess I'll waste some time on that today.

This little hedgehog is a new addition to my own etsy store

Kinda like this etsy shop.

Ok...I'll be back...Gotta go check out these search tools.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

My NEW Flicker Page

I've taken the plunge and set up a Flicker page for Fern House Studio stuff. Please let me know if this link works: My Flicker page. Thanks so much! :)

Friday, October 14, 2005


Got this idea from Jen via Purple pink and orange's blog.
Google your name and to add the word ‘needs’. Then, post the top ten answers.

Here's mine:
1. Why Christina needs to be "thanked" for her comments in Blender.
2. Christina needs to work with Kanye West, asap.
3. [my personal favorite] Christina needs to wear clothes ON TOP of her underwear.
4. Christina needs to consume 1725 calories per day to maintain her current weight,
and 2225 to gain one pound per week. So perhaps we should let her eat cake!
5. Christina needs to quit losing weight.
6. Why Christina Needs To Go.
7. Christina needs to hear from you right away so she can plan effectively.
8. Christina needs a hand (not like that, perv! :P) [fyi that last quoted part was not from me, was in the google]
9. Christina needs her.
10. And I think I know what Christina needs. Assistant director: Okay, could we have
quiet, please? Stop all the work, please. (chickens start clucking) Please ...

I'm adding 11 because it's good and 9 & 10 weren't so good...
11. Christina needs to advance from good to great and become the bellwether district
in the state.

What's really funny is, that most of these could work for me...

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Swoop & Scoop

I've got a lot of fingerpuppet updates coming to mysite. If you want to get a jump on these--they're going to sell out fast-- why not go to my Etsy store? I've posted several new fingerpuppets there... it's kind of a way to beat the rush at my website-- order them from my Etsy store now. These cute blue elephants are among the fingerpuppets you'll see there.

I've been really busy this week getting things packed up to send to the Farmington Valley Arts Center in Avon, CT (near Hartford). They are carrying my puppets for their holiday show. If you're in that area, please visit them. Candlelight opening Friday November 18th, then open daily from November 18th through December 24th. For more information, visit their website.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

A couple of fun links

I just love the site design for this site. Love her work, as well.

Got this cool handbag thru Crafter's United to support Hurricane Katrina relief. I adore my new handbag--use it all the time! Extremely well made and well-designed with one strap-- so straps don't fall off your shoulder when you're taking things out of it.

That's all, folks!

New steals

Photo Hosted at
• Hooray-- There are 2 new "Small Works on Paper" on the art page of my website (scroll down). Every time I update this section, I add one "steal"--a specially priced one. This time I added 1 and then to give more people a shot, I repriced one that's been up for a little while--making a total of 2 steals (for only $16- $18). First person to get one or both of them in their cart and checked out gets it (or them). You know the drill: It's a bit of a shell game--you have to click around on those small works to see which is the steal.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Sneak Peak

Lots of updates are coming in October & November! Sign up for our mailing list to be notified first.

Here's a few sneak peeks of things to come. These Snail Fingerpuppets are so cute and colorful-- one of my new fingerpuppet designs.

Just added: this new print design, called Finding A Friend. This one is by popular demand, as it was among the most requested when I posted jpegs to chose from on this blog.Photo Hosted at

I'm so excited about all the cool stuff I've made for the fall/ holiday shopping season... check out the felted ornaments on the handmade page .

More news & new things & surprises soon...

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Happy Birthday Mr. Philip J. Cutie-Pie Frey

Two birthdays are better than one...on Monday my sweetie Phil is turning, well, just a nose older than me.
Photo Hosted at
Phil is a very talented artist... you can see his paintings here . Happy Birthday Philip! (aka Mr. Dobolina-- Mr. Bob Dobolina--, "Paintbox" Frey, and... uh... Boogerhead (it's a term of endearment--no really!) No matter what we call you Phil, you're the best. Have a wonderful birthday.

For his birthday, Philip is getting this. What a lucky guy! All I can say is, it's what he said he wanted. I think this site will probably make Philip quite happy.(Do not fear clicking on those links--it's all very clean!)

You can leave Philip a birthday greeting below.

Happy Birthday Skyler Fox!

Happy Birthday to Skyler Fox... my one and only most excellent niece.
Photo Hosted at
Skyler is 2 years old today. This photo was taken by her grammie, because one of Skyler's first words she liked to say was "flowers". So here she is, the babe in the flora.

And happy birthday to her dad, Peter, too-- whose birthday is coming right up on the 23rd.

For those of you who care about these things, I got her this cutest little sushi print pants outfit from One Little Monkey .

You can wish Skyler a happy birthday by leaving a comment below.