Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Sneak Peak

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Here's a few sneak peeks of things to come. These Snail Fingerpuppets are so cute and colorful-- one of my new fingerpuppet designs.

Just added: this new print design, called Finding A Friend. This one is by popular demand, as it was among the most requested when I posted jpegs to chose from on this blog.Photo Hosted at

I'm so excited about all the cool stuff I've made for the fall/ holiday shopping season... check out the felted ornaments on the handmade page .

More news & new things & surprises soon...


Ian T. said...

I thought those snails were made of fimo at first!

Fern Lady said...

Kind of similiar... they're made out of creative paperclay,a dn then painted.

Hey! How's life in Illustration Friday-land, Ian? I haven't had the time latley to participate, and miss it.

Virginia Valle said...

Ohhhh they are lovely :)