Saturday, October 01, 2005

Happy Birthday Skyler Fox!

Happy Birthday to Skyler Fox... my one and only most excellent niece.
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Skyler is 2 years old today. This photo was taken by her grammie, because one of Skyler's first words she liked to say was "flowers". So here she is, the babe in the flora.

And happy birthday to her dad, Peter, too-- whose birthday is coming right up on the 23rd.

For those of you who care about these things, I got her this cutest little sushi print pants outfit from One Little Monkey .

You can wish Skyler a happy birthday by leaving a comment below.


Allison Paskett said...

so darling!

Fern Lady said...

Well, I have to agree!

Anonymous said...

aues guete zum geburi!!!
gutschein: es chääääs fondue bi
üs i dr schwiz.

Anonymous said...

Hi Cutie Skyler,
Happy Birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day. You look so pretty in the flora.
Your friend,
Giovanna (Philip's Mom)

Anonymous said...

What a cute flower baby! Happy Birthday little Skyler Fox.


Anonymous said...

liebe skyler! häppy börsdei ...auf dass du auch mich besuchen kommst, nachdem du bei flöru am fonduessen warst! dicke muntsch