Saturday, October 22, 2005

Sneak Peek # 2

This very 50's Retro Robot finger puppet will be up on my site next week. There's only one--he's kind of special. I was thinking of those tin robot toys from the 50's when I made him. The antennae are made from plastic-coated wire. I painted him red after a vintage robot toy I saw on Antiques Roadshow a few weeks ago. He's kind of a friendly robot--not so scary. Boy, I'll tell ya, it was hard getting the square shape with the Creative Paperclay! But a fun challenge and I'm pleased with the result, if I may say so. I think someone will be very happy with this little guy.

Speaking of retro stuff, I got this really cool wallet by Tiny Meat at my favorite shoe store nearby (ShoeGazer). You can see their wallets here . They don't have the one I got up on their site, a 50's family in a red van going on a family trip. But I like this one from their site: My only improvement on these would be not to have "Tiny Meat" written on them so prominently. It's a little over the top, for my taste. But their wallets are very cool and outrageously inexpensive at $12 each!


MerchMikey said...

Thanks Christina, Yeah we have been deliberating on the "branding" placement for some time. Love it or hate I say. LOL
Miss Lucille (daughter) and I just finished some Shrinky Dinks. Puttin' them up in the blog as we speak.
Rock 'On!

Virginia Valle said...

OH OH :D your robot is very pretty :) is soo cool :) ,post more :)

Anne said...

They should have a wallet with only 'Tiny Meat' prominently on it. What weird image their name conjures up!!