Saturday, October 01, 2005

Happy Birthday Mr. Philip J. Cutie-Pie Frey

Two birthdays are better than one...on Monday my sweetie Phil is turning, well, just a nose older than me.
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Phil is a very talented artist... you can see his paintings here . Happy Birthday Philip! (aka Mr. Dobolina-- Mr. Bob Dobolina--, "Paintbox" Frey, and... uh... Boogerhead (it's a term of endearment--no really!) No matter what we call you Phil, you're the best. Have a wonderful birthday.

For his birthday, Philip is getting this. What a lucky guy! All I can say is, it's what he said he wanted. I think this site will probably make Philip quite happy.(Do not fear clicking on those links--it's all very clean!)

You can leave Philip a birthday greeting below.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Mouse, here, Mr. Alfred Nony Mouse. Happy 38th, pops!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Philip,
You are marvelous! I am honored to be your mom. You are such a loving caring guy. Thank you.
Your Mom, Giovanna

Anonymous said...

What a cool Weber grill! What fun. We can grill all year round with that one. Thank you, Christina. Anyone up for a cookout?


Anonymous said...

Happy Birfday, Phil!!
Hope you have a lovely day. Enjoy yourself - grill something, whatever. Be on the lookout for a small gift that I mailed today - it's not technically late if you mail it *on* the birth date, right?

Natalia, daughter of Giovanna
(ommay is utsnay :o)