Monday, July 07, 2008

Cool Show Stuff

I'm sick of carrying around my bank-freebie vinyl moneybag at shows. I decided to get myself a cool apron for shows so I can stash my cash in there in style. So off I went to etsy and found this cool little owl number from Boojiboo's etsy shop (Shown on the bottom). Only mine is brown owl fabric not blue, but as it's sold it's no longer there, hence I show you the blue one.

There were lots of cool aprons to choose from, but this one won out because of it's many pockets made especially for craft shows.

But a few other nifty ones were the pink one with the cool flowers (posted in the middle here) and pockets from xoelle's shop and this cool tulle apron with a retro deer (at the top of this post) from flappergirl's shop.

So many aprons, so little disposable income!

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