Saturday, January 28, 2006

Hatching a Plan...

Oh...I'd love to get my website featured in Daily Candy. Do you have a secret side that likes scheming and plotting? Well, maybe you'd enjoy helping me.

First of all, Daily Candy is a daily email that is sent to probably tens of thousand of people, maybe more--by request only (it's NOT spam). They feature a different website every day that might have things, services etc. of interest to people. Ok this is a bad description, so if anyone can do better, do so by adding a clarifying comment below.

Anyway, apparently Daily Candy is awesome press for small businesses. And they actually feature you free, which is becoming more and more unusual in our world of advertising and product placement. It's just really tough to "get in".

So here's where my plan comes in. I want to be featured on Daily Candy. If you really like my work and my website, you can help by going here:
Daily Candy's submission page and choosing story ideas & tips from the popdown menu. Then suggest my website, (not this blog, of course). Then post a comment here letting me know you did just that.

I'll be overjoyed! Then, if this works, and enough people suggest me, perhaps they will feature me. If they feature me, I'll send someone who posted here as suggesting me a free sample pack of Fern House Studio cards. The winner will be picked at random. It is just a small thank you for taking the time to bother to mention my website. I really, truly appreciate any and everybody's efforts! And I always appreciate everyone's kind comments and encouragement of my work. That's really the point, putting my work out there to make people smile and enjoy.


udandi said...

you need to get the Awfulcufflinks girls to promote you! For a while it seemed that items profiled on their site later appeared on Daily Candy. curious. good luck with your endeavor!

Fern Lady said...

I think the Awful Cufflinks girls are on the cutting edge--even more so than Daily Candy. Go Awful Cufflinks! They did review my fingerpuppets last year around this time, which was great..maybe they'd be willing to do so again.

Anonymous said...

Hello, I just stumbled upon your site! Did you Daily Candy plan work? Wishing you the best of luck!