Thursday, January 26, 2006

Endangered Kitty Puppet...HELP!

Asian Print Kitty
Originally uploaded by Fern House Studio.
Oh my gosh! Uplifting Arts has used one of my kitty puppets to make a handbag. Save the Kitty Puppets, Eat Tofu...Peace,love... and puppets!

Seriously, speaking of Uplifting Arts, look at these cool buttons there! I love these and am tempted to get some to embellish my puppets with. The turtles are very cool, and there are some cool owl ones, too. The koi are my favorites, but are sold out.


Corena said...

I love the purse

Fern Lady said...

You love the PURSE?! I'm shocked! After an innocent kitty puppet died to make it?! Next you'll be telling me you think it's ok to kill naugas for their hides...

In all seriousness, it IS a nice purse, and in the spirit of helping out fellow indie biz owners, it's a steal at $25, too.