Friday, February 03, 2006

Sew & Sew

I got a new sewing machine! I'm so excited! I'm just learning how to machine sew and got this basic $149 machine from Pfaff, which looks great for beginners. And I get 5 hours of free classes and lots of other perks from the (locally owned) store where I bought it.

So maybe you won't hear from me for awhile, as I'll be busy playing with my new machine. Then suddenly one day, all kinds of posts of wonderful sewn things will appear here. I have lots of cool ideas in mind.

Speaking of sewing, here's a new puppet body--this one's gonna be a crocodile:

The pattern of the fabric reminds me of this:, which is a piece from an old memory game from the 70's that my sister and I used to play with my grandma. I'm going to be using some of these memory pieces ( I hope) in some very cool sewn pouches/ change purses that I have planned. One of the sewing machine projects. I'll post them when I have some done. There are all kinds of retro designs on those memory pieces that I love; including a very neat fox, and a couple of inspiring owl designs. They have a very European design style-- this game came from Switzerland and was made by Ravensburger, who is still in the game/hobby business in Europe. As far as I can tell, though, this memory game is out of print.

lastly, I got the nifty chicken measuring tape at the fabric store. Pull on the egg and the tape measure comes out.

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