Thursday, February 28, 2013

You Can Help

Dear Friends,
My friend Sarah Brandon sent out this email to help me out recently.  If you feel moved to help, that would be greatly appreciated.  I know you all have your own projects and problems and have no expectations.  Wishing you all the best.  

Dear Friends of Christina Heiniger,

Putting a call out to all of you seeking your help and support for Christina who is feeling quite debilitated from a chronic shoulder and back injury, which was made worse after a car accident last Summer. To top this off, she recently reinjured her shoulder and isn’t able to work. Until now she has attempted to forge ahead with a brave face and has mustered a positive attitude, but having this injury while being self-employed, without health insurance and living by herself has taken it’s toll – not only physically, but emotionally and financially. Currently Christina is not able to drive, lift heavy items or handle some of the everyday tasks at home that we often take for granted. That’s where we come in… 

Ways We Can Help:
·     rides to appointments
·     meals : currently avoiding wheat, tomato, white sugar & corn  
      also TMJ makes chewing hard foods difficult
·     help with laundry 
·     vacuuming
·     prayers/visualizations
·     healing CD’s
·     errands
•    other random acts of kindness

To arrange a time to help or offer rides: 
please call Christina at 664-2404   15 Wood Run Lamoine, ME. 04605
(emailing is on hold for now until her shoulder is better)

A temporary Special Account is set up at TD Bank in Ellsworth –  
217 High St., Ellsworth Maine, 04605 (667-2536)  If you’d like to make a donation please 
make checks payable to “Helping Hands - Christina Heiniger”.  You can either mail a check or stop in at the Ellsworth branch. 

The hope is that with 6 – 8 weeks of rest and rehabilitation, attending osteopathic adjustments, medical appointments and other healing modalities that Christina will be on the road to recovery and independence once again -  and Making Art for All of us to Enjoy!

With thanks and loads of appreciation, Sarah Brandon 
                                                              (artist & fan of Fern House Studio)

Feel free to pass this on to anyone we may have missed and who might like to know

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