Wednesday, May 25, 2005

A Strange Tale of Synchronicity

It all started with this Robin that was building a nest in my garage. Not a good place for The Robin's to raise a family, as they freaked out and flew away every time I entered the garage to get wood or take out the trash.

So, sadly, my mom & I had to remove the nest today, which turned out to have 4 beautiful blue Robin's eggs in it. We relocated it to a nearby tree, hoping the couple would find it, but I fear the worst for those eggs.

I was still feeling sad about the Robin Incident, when later that night, I saw a dead little bird on my deck. A victim of flying into my big paneles windows. Intent on not being the perpetrator of more bird deaths, I dug out my lastest issue of Organic Style Magazine to look up the web address of this company that makes decals to put on your windows so birds don't fly into them (according to the blurb in Organic Style, maybe as many as 100 million migrating birds die each year flying into take note!)

Success, I found the article and web address for Blik , the company that makes these decals.

So, I get to the site, and it turns out to be not just for decals to put on windows and save birds, but these cool design-inspired removable decals that you can decorate your walls with. Just up my alley, right? So then, I'm looking around the site, and I see that they are advertising these:
new decals designed by this artist based in Portland, Oregon named Matthew Haggett .'s the synchronicity part... I WENT TO HIGH SCHOOL WITH THIS GUY! It's too wierd! Ok, so it's not that wierd, but kinda wierd.

Furthermore, I go to the same Buddhist group that this Matthew's parents do (they still live around here), and we were just talking about him the other day, and I asked about his website, because I wanted to check it out.

It's my first big case of internet synchronicity. Internet synchronicity is fun!

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