Monday, May 02, 2005

Win one of my paintings at many things are going on here at Fern House Studio. My boyfriend says I have to get some elves to help me out! it's a nice image, at any rate.

CONGRATULATIONS to Cheryl of Canada for winning April's drawing for a pack of Fern House Studio cards & some other goodies from online indie businesses. Do you want a chance to win? Well, sign up for our enewlsetter and you are permanently entered into our monthly drawing.

Speaking of winning, you can win one of my animal watercolors at online magazine (their tagline is: "for families who love, live and visit Maine"). It's a great magazine (I like the Lifestyles page), and by signing up for their newsletter, you can be entered to win my "3 Friends" painting. You can sign up here:

I have been making handpuppets like crazy. The most recent ones have been: a cute blue bear, a sweet orange kitty with an Asian print body, a rooster with a body of vintage cloth, and a very cool alligator with a turquiose retro print body. Most of them are going over to The Blossom Studio and Gallery in Deer Isle, which is opening for the season in May. I'm going to have hand and finger puppets there, as well as many of my NEWEST still life paintings.

Come back next Monday when I update this blog with more news.

Enjoy the sun!


Anonymous said...

Hi everyone..this just in. My site is site fo the week at Craft
( ) it's a very nice write up, so do check it out before next Monday (May 9th)

Anonymous said...

I sure love my cool finger puppets and watercolors! Mama put them in my room and they inspire me for my art projects... thanks christina! love skyler fox

Anonymous said...

I'd love to win, but living in the UK and not having any children, I think it would be a bit unfair to enter.

Fern Lady said...

Oh, I love it when adults get my puppets or the more whimsical animal artwork for themselves. You might be surprised at how many of them do. Last summer I had a couple of people come by my studio who got addicted to my fingerpuppets and bought about 20 of them to put by their computers at work. Being a kid at heart myslef, I'm all for it.