Saturday, September 10, 2005

I've been tagged

Candlelight tagged me almost 2 weeks ago, but what with Hurricane relief projects and my school job starting, I'm just now getting to respond to her tag by listing 5 idiosyncrasies I have (Just 5?--man! my list is much longer than that!)

1. I tend to be very silly (despite the fact that I'm a teacher as my "day job") and I often make up words and use silly voices (this is mostly at home, not in public, though my students sometimes beg me to do some of my voices like the Indian Guru voice and the New Jersey lady voice, etc.). As an example of words I make up, like if I'm really full, I say "I'm stuffelated", or if Phil's nose is stuffed up, we say it's "stuffenated"...I kind of do it all the time on the spur of the moment.

2. I don't exercise much, and I eat fatty food fairly often, but I'm really skinny. As a matter of fact, my boyfriend Phil often says, "Where does it all go?!" in disbelief, as he watches me pack away yet another snack. I pretty much eat all the time, but I don't really eat sugar, so I guess that is why I don't gain weight easily (actually I'd like to gain some weight!)

3. I have sea vegetables (fancy name for edible seaweed like nori, kelp & dulse) in my refridgerator from about 6 years ago that I won't throw away because they're dehydrated and don't really go bad, but I rarely use them for cooking.

4. I make puppets-- I mean, come on, how many people do you know that do that?!

5. This is kind of a sad one: I'm allergic to about a zillion foods, due to an illness I got when I was 28. I can't eat wheat, most dairy, tomatoes, oats, corn ...that's just to name a few! It's a real pain...but at least I make sure to eat healthy, as I rarely can eat prepared foods. This may still change..I may be able to heal these allergies. In any case, I'm working on it.

Ok, I'm tagging RJ , Cornelian Cherry and Cheryl and Jessica. I think I'm actually supposed to tag 5 people, but I don't want to visit this madness on too many innocent lives out there :)


noricum said...

I've got a gazillion allergies, but I've had allergies since birth. I don't know what is better... having 28 years without, or always having them, so that they're simply a fact of life. :P

Sounds like you have a good metabolism / overactive thyroid... I've got a crappy metabolism, and am not happy with my weight for other reasons. :P

momo said...

i so envy you on no. 2!! =P

i see that you've become busier with your "real" live! good luck and hope you enjoy the teacher job!! =)

Allison Paskett said...

as annoying as these tags can be to write, they are so fun to read. if it wasn't for tags i would never have known how silly you are - "stuffelated" made me laugh out loud! so no, i don't mind terribly at all - thanks for thinking of me.

Ez said...

Hi there... saw your link on Momo's blog and popped by for a peak. I just had to comment because you allergies sound like a disease my brother has called celiac sprue. He is severely allergic to wheat, gluten, dairy, eggs... you name it. It's so hard on him, but he's a brave boy. He's also really skinny due to his disease. I don't know... it was just something that I felt compelled to comment about. Hugs, Ez

Fern Lady said...

Fortunately I'm not really sick like people with celiac disease. Oh that sounds awful. I'm really mostly well, with all these allergies and a bit of a wonky thyriod. But a positive attitude and a history of being able to heal things, so I don't get too down. Plus it's not so bad being skinny.