Monday, December 05, 2005

A Crafty Christmas & then some

Sales are humming along here at Fern House Studio. I suggest if you've got your eye on something, order soon, because I'm doing a big trunk show this weekend (Dec 10th) and may sell out on many things.

Just finished this dog puppet commission for a student of mine... her parents commissioned it for her as a Christmas gift (very thoughtful!):
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I've gotten so many suggestions for Ornament Thursday, that here are a few early sneak peeks.

These star ornaments from Sprout Studio are lovely...But I love all her stuff!

And these puffy penguins from Bake Sale Designs are the sweetest!

The HUGE ornaments from Wisteria (below) are quite something!
Wisteria is one of those catalogs founded by rich people and for rich people and it cracks me up & intrigues me at the same time. Full of expensive, cool stuff that nobody really needs, but...

(For the record, I have nothing against rich people, actually I'd like to be one!)

The text in their catalog is quite creative, as well... get this: (from the site) "Three sizes of sparkly etched-glass ornaments in turquoise and silver for spectacular holiday arranging. Each has a satin ribbon for hanging. The largest seems almost as big as Susanna, and is very heavy. This is an ornament that could be seen from the street if you hang it artfully in a window. Passersby will gaze in awe, getting out of their cars to visit quietly with other families who have paused to view your ornament. Perhaps caroling will break out spontaneously. You might find yourselves on TV. It could happen. "

Ok... Whatever, but those ornaments are impressive, I admit!