Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Ornament Thursday #9: Creative Trees

Even though it comes from the Martha Stewart Empire, which I never thought I'd like anything from, I'm smitten with this quarterly magazine called Kids fun stuff to do together. It's for parents and kids and it's so neat, I think I'm going to get a subscription to it and give a subscription to my sister and niece. It's the art teacher in me.

This latest issue had the coolest Christmas tree decorating ideas-- I mean really sweet and creative!

(Little known fact: my framer, Raymond Strout of Ahlblad's Frameshop in Bar Harbor, Maine, knows Martha Stewart and has even been over to her house in Northeast Harbor for Thanksgiving before. This is officially the only piece of celebrity gossip you will ever read on this blog!)

Ok...asides aside, look at these awesome tree decorating ideas from the Kids magazine:

This tree made from Tinker Toys (I always snicker when I say that ...tinker toys...heeheehee) is so colorful, and decorated with buttons. I love it!

Then there's this incredibly inventive & fun tree decorated solely with office supplies--if only I'd seen this years ago! Look, there are colored paperclip chains, keytage ornaments adorned with stickers, and a bubble wrap base. It's THE tree for us office supply store lovers.

I had so many suggestions for Ornament Thursday and I wish I could've mentioned them all. But I'll leave you with one of my favorites...these lovely and festive stained glass ornaments with Holiday words from Humble Beads. I truly adore these:


DAWN said...

Oh, I don't know. . . sounds like you run with the "in" crowd. How will we ever be worthy? *chuckle*
Love the office supply tree. Makes me want to think up one for my massage therapy room for next year. Hmmmmm. . .

Babelfish said...

Thank you for sharing.
The Christmas Tree ideas are wonderful!