Thursday, December 15, 2005

Ornament Thursday # 8: Puff Daddy and More

How about some **handmade, puffy, stuffy, fabric ornaments**?

Here are some great ones...
a Brown Bird Ornament from circle circle dot dot:

Merry Magic Mushroom Ornaments from Keykalou's etsy shop...

Diamond Garden Patchwork Ornament by Counting Sheep Studio at Funky Utopia. I Couldn't get the picture to upload, so go see it :)

I've been seeing lots of cool **vintage ornaments** around here lately. These from Wisteria are reproductions, not true vintage, but cool nonetheless:

Lastly, this how-to from Craftgodesss shows how to make your own very cute beer coaster Christmas ornaments. I wish I could put the picture here, but I couldn't pull it off the page. They are so fun looking.

Happy Ornament Shopping & Making!

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DAWN said...

I'm loving the puffy mushrooms. Very Fairy.