Thursday, December 01, 2005

Ornament Thursday #6: Christmas Trees

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas tree....
I'm getting my tree this weekend, if the weather and boyfriend cooperate.

There are some really cute Christmas tree ornaments out there to hang on your...well...tree. By that I mean ornaments that look like trees.

How about this Bucktoothed tree ornament from Bridge Troll. net Wish I could've gotten the image posted, but it just didn't work (you'll have to visit her site to see it).

Or this tree ornament made from recycled computer circuit board from Acorn Studios Very clever (and earth-friendly)!

Now, for the Motherload of ornaments, especially glass blown ornaments, you have got to check out this site. It's THE BEST! It's hard to even pick which to mention, but I loved this fall leaf and this Christmas Tree They've got lots of great tree ornament to choose from, and I'll point you in some other directions on their site in future posts.
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Have you put up your tree yet? It's always so exciting. I love decorating the tree, its like painting a canvas.

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Anabel said...

Hello! Thanks for visit my blog. I alwalys say good things about your ornaments. It´s so cute!!:-)