Saturday, July 09, 2005

Crafty Stuff

Have you seen these cool hairties by momo of Candlelight fame ? They're at her Etsy Shop She has such a nice way of photographing her things, too. (if I had long hair, I'd jump at one of these --only $8.00)

There's so much cool crafty stuff out there on the web! One of my favorite sites is I'm Smitten. I love her quirky cards-- the seal one is shown here. She used to make these cool handfelted bags. I actually was lucky to get the last one she made. She had a rush over Christmas time and had to make so many bags she never wanted to see one again. I know how she feels, occupatioal hazard of the crafter!

1 comment:

momo said...

thanks for the photo and the link!! You are so sweet =)