Friday, July 22, 2005

Visiting Artist

I'll be the visiting artist at the Blue Hill Farmer's Market this Saturday, July 23, from 9am-11:30 am (on the Blue Hill fairgrounds, Blue Hill, Maine). It's a chance for me to get out and just have fun showing my work in a public setting.

I'm bringing all kinds of fun stuff...from most to least expensive:
Framed Still Lives • Framed Animal Paintings (including the "5 Friends" in the post below) • Handpuppets • Beaded Jewelry • Small Works on Paper • Fingerpuppets • Cards • Felted Ornaments • Felted Carrot Pens • Mini Paintings on a Clothesline


allison said...

how exciting! how did it go?

Fern Lady said...

It was a very successful morning-- I sold a few paintings, several handpuppets, and lots of little things. It's a nice atmosphere there with other craftspeople and all the veggie and organic food vendors. Definatley worth it!