Thursday, July 14, 2005

Hancock • Sullivan • Sorrento Studio & Gallery Tour

My boyfriend, Philip Frey and I are organizing an Open Studio and Gallery Tour of Hancock, Sullivan and Sorrento. It's happening August 7th from 1:00-6:00pm.

Works will be shown by Ragna Bruno-Torkanowsky (in Hancock), Gifford Ewing (in Sorrento), and in Sullivan: Philip Frey, Christina Heiniger (I will have my work at Philip's studio), The Barter Family Gallery (Philip & Matthew Barter), Art & Old Things Gallery, Ann, Paul & Robert Breeden at Spring Woods Gallery, Wildfire Run Quilt Boutique - Peg McAloon & Obadiah Buell at Bourne Design Studio. Each of the artists show in various Maine galleries and are in private collections throughout the U.S.A

Please contact me for a tour map or more info.

Hope you can make it!


momo said...

congratulations on the opening!! wish i could be there! =)

Fern Lady said...

Thanks...We are putting a lot of effort into this right now! It will be a big event. Well, Hong Kong is a bit far to travel :)