Sunday, July 17, 2005

Just Us Owls

As I cruise the internet and see more and more of what independent designers and craftspeople are making, I've found that there are themes that seem to overlap with things I'm doing, and have been doing for years.

It's bit uncanny. Like the Circle thing .

And then, there's...Owls. Come to find out, they are a popular character in lots of people's work.

I've been including owls for in my artwork years. As a matter of fact, my owl designs are inspired by this stuffed owl from England that my mom got before I was even born (in the 60's), and which was one of my first, and always most beloved, toys.

I think you can see the inspiration when you compare it to this owl puppet I just sold out of my studio:

Well there's lots of great owl things being created out there. One of my favorites is this nightlight by Happy Owl Glassworks (I hope to get one of these for my niece soon.)

And Faythe at Flying Fish Design makes the coolest owl messenger bags!

I love this owl notecard set by Boy Girl Party. She's got lots of great owl illustrations & things on her site!

Speaking of owl cards, I've got a new owl card on my site! (it's the image at the top of this post)

It's hard to stop here, because there are so many great owls out there, but, well, Happy owl shopping... And let me know if you've got any owl favorites out there..I'd love to see them!


Amy said...

Your owl toy is wonderful. I'm going to have to work on an owl softie now I think. My sister-in-law's married name is Wiseley. I am complused to make and buy her things with owls now.

Fern Lady said...

Thnaks...I'm glad the little stuffed owl inspired you~ he's pretty inspiring!

Ian T. said...

The concentric rings in your owl design (and other elements, such as the Moon) work really well, and the dots look good in this context too!

Fern Lady said...

Yes, Ian, I think the dots are more harmonious in this one...but I still like them in the 5 freinds, too--though I can see why you'd say they may distract a bit there. Thanks for your feedback--it's very helpful to get another's opinion and makes me think about the artistic choices Ive made and how others view them.