Friday, June 24, 2005

Circle Circle Dot Dot

Here's to the the circle, the most playful of shapes.

I started working with circles in my artwork around 1987, when I was still in college. Robert Delaunay's lovely circle paintings really inspired me originally, as well as a show of outsider art & synchronicity I saw in 1987 or 88 (around then) at the Kunstmseum, Bern (Switzerland).

Well , since then, I've noticed that circles have become hugely popular in commercial design and graphic art, as well as in the craft community.

Target aside, here are some great "Circle (and dot) Inspired" sites: Superhero Designs Makes wonderful use of the circle in their colorful website design that really showcases their jewelry.

This circle tote from
One Good Bumblebee makes cheerful use of the circle.

The Cute Little Dot has a dot story every week. Plain Mabel has a lot of circle and dot design...including these
All About Mod cards

That's just the tippy tip of the iceberg for circles in craft cyberspace right now.

I'll leave you with my own circle-based fruit sticker paintings. These are watercolor paintings around those stickers you find on fruit and veggies. They'll be for sale on my site soon.


tania said...

cool paintings!
i too love the circle circle dot dot.


Fern Lady said...

Thanks. I'm trying to find more of those "organic" stickers because I think they're so cool.