Thursday, June 09, 2005

Trades and special orders--oh my!

Well, one of the neat things about getting a website & blog up is that you meet all kinds of like-minded artists and crafty people. So that leads to things like trading work and making special orders and such. So here are a couple of projects and trades I've been working on...

I just completed this special fingerpuppet order for
Cheryl . These are her 3 kitties (A mostly black cat and two orange tabbys).

And, I just got this cool necklace

in a trade with Designed by RJ Jewelry. I love it! The blues and greens and oranges are simply gorgeous together. She's doing a neat thing for her her jewlery for handmade and indie designed cards to give to her aunt as a gift. So if you make cards, might want to check out her site.

Interestingly, both these ladies are in Ontario, Canada. Go figure!

Also, I'm working on a trade for some handcolored roving (felting fleece) with Dharia at Skeintily Clad This is what she wrote in her email: "I will make some reds, greens, yellows in wintery/holiday tones just for you!" [for my felted ornaments]. It will be like Christmas in June opening that package (or July, depending when she gets it done. Please, June, make it June!).


momo said...

hi fernlady,

may i ask how you start the swap? i have been reading blogs where people receive wonderful products by swapping...i'd really like to swap with some of the crafters!



Fern Lady said...

I arranged that swap through The Switchboards... look under the "Barter is Better" thread. And maybe you could post on your blog that you are open to swapping and what for... that way people who like your stuff can ask you about swapping. I hope this helps :) .