Friday, June 03, 2005

felt felt felt

My most recent obsession has been felting. I think because I'm a kinestetic learner, and very tactile, I took to wet felting like a fish to water. I'm just learning, but have made some fun things so far, which I plan to sell at some of the shows I'm doing this summer. Firstly, I got some beautiful fleece from Peace Fleece . They are a wonderful & compassionate Maine-based company that sells great fleece and other wool products. Here's some of the fleece (I guess it's also called "roving") I got from them. The colors are so luscious... it Looks like some kind of extra fruity cotton candy!

I made these felted ornaments out of it, but still have tons left, so will work on more projects. I made felted balls about 1 1/2 inches in diameter, and strung a length of embroidery floss for the hanging loop. Added silver colored beads and a wool felt leaf on top, and a silver colored cap bead on the bottom. They look good enough to eat. I don't know what I'll charge for them yet, but they will be very affordable.

Any post on felting should mention Lili La Malice , a talented felter from France (that's a tongue twister!). She makes awesome felted flower pins. I love felted things and have been collecting felted objects from other artists for awhile. I'll show them here soon. Any felty links would be apprieciated.

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mike m said...

Hi Christina. Just found the webblog you were telling me about. Nice puppets.
Still don't have my website up yet but do Have a New e-mail at my appt Drop me a note when you get a chance.
Do you think you could make some maroon felted wrist pads? I could sure use some! Verizon is not making the process easy I have to do a lot of the coding and such my self.