Monday, June 06, 2005

A Busy Week Ahead...

It's a going to be a very busy and very fun week. I'm really looking forward to next weekend. I'm going to be traveling around Maine a bit... First going to The Maine Fiber Frolic on the Windsor Fairgrounds, in Windsor, Maine. I'm super excited to get some more felting fleece and see the vendors. There will be lots of animals, too, to see.

My boyfriend is an artist, as well. Here's his site . He's having an opening at The Firehouse Gallery in Damariscotta, Maine on Saturday. So the plan is to stop by the fair on the way during the day, then go to the opening. But not without stopping at my favorite bead store, Aboca Bead which is also in Damariscotta. I'll post pictures of all the treasures I get on this fun spree next week. I hope to get some things actually made at the bead store (they have a great work area), like earrings & such, to get up for sale on my site.

Friday I'll be bringing puppets to Island Artisans in Northeast Harbor. They are opening June 15th for the season. Here's one of the guys who will be going there. He's a Panda with a silky body, very elegant! And velvet trim and a cute velvet bear tail:
New Panda Puppet
Here's a back view so you can see his cute blanket-stitched bear tail:
new panda puppet/back

Lastly, I'll leave you laughing ( I hope). This blog threadbared was pointed out on The Switchboards this weekend. In my humble opinion, the Star Wars entry is hilarious. (P.S. if you are a woman business owner, and don't know about the Switchboards, check it out!)

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