Monday, June 20, 2005

beads, trips and where to find my work

I've had many people ask me about my summer galleries and shows. Here's a couple of links to give you more information about those: My website and this entry on my blog should give you some good information. Also, there are other entries in May & April that preview a bit of the work I have out at galleries (so browse this blog).

Well, it was a busy weekend. Phil & I took a trip to Western Mass. for the wedding of a friend of mine, which was very lovely. It was a long trip, so we broke it up by staying with a friend in Portland overnight on the way. Fortunately, there was a cool bead store right nearby: Caravan Beads & Fibers . I had just enough time there to make another necklace and pick up some more neat beads. They also have yarn and knitting supplies. I didn't realize that some bead stores offer things like birthday parties. I thought that was pretty cool, to be able to have a birthday party at a bead store (hmmm... next year!).

Speaking of beads, here are pictures of the beaded necklaces and earrings I made at Aboca Beads the previous weekend, which may make it up on my website. This one is an orange/light blue color combo...very unique. I love these orange leaf shaped beads--they were new at the store.
The colors don't really come through here in all their true loveliness for this blue and green necklace and earrings: It has a real Asian sensibility with the flower beads. Again, I love these semi-transparent green leaf beads! I used a lot of their newest beads at Aboca, just because I was so drawn to them. This jewelry is for sale, so inquire if you are interested and I'll get back to you right away.

I've really been sidetracked with all this handmade stuff lately, and it's time to turn my attention back to painting. Which I will do this week. I have 2 commissions to complete, as well as several watercolor stillives and landscapes that I plan to get done by August for my open studio with Philip. So my plate is very full! But it's all very yummy.


Jen said...

Wow, beads!

I was REALLY into beads not too long ago, I haven't been doing much with the kidlet around as it's too accident prone.

I have never heard of Caravan, but that is very close by, so I'll have to check it out sometime! Thanks for the info!

Meg said...

Very Nice sets :D
I like the color combinations, they seem like they set each bead off quite nicely!