Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Somewhere Over the Rainbow...

Have you ever noticed that things look better lined up in rainbow order? Maybe it's the kid in me, but it's not just a childish thing, the artists of the Bauhaus school often used the spectrum to bring... well... order to their work. Here are all 12 handpuppets I brought over to Island Artisans in Northeast Harbor last Friday, in rainbow order:

And, here's a photo of the amazingly gorgeous rainbow fleece I got from Grafton Fibers at the Maine Fiber Frolic.

I think that's all the eye candy anyone can take for one day.

1 comment:

Dharia said...

oooh! those puppets are the coolest thing ever!

and i LOVE grafton fibers batts. so luscious. i wish i had a big drum carder so i could make mine like that. dreamy.