Monday, June 27, 2005

I love Paul Klee

I've been very influenced by Paul Klee. I got to see a lot of this Swiss artist's work over the years, as my family is from Switzerland. My parents lived in Bern, Switzerland for many years while I was in College. The KunstMuseum Bern had a wonderful, huge collection of Paul Klee's work that I used to visit often. His puppets, especially, inspired my own puppet-making ventures.

My aunt just brought me a bunch of postcards of Klee's puppets from the NEW Paul Klee Museum in Bern. Here's one entitled "Big Eared Clown" from about 1925:

He started making these for his son, Felix, when the boy was about 9 years old. Definately not your average 9-year-old's toys from a modern day perspective ( I wonder if Felix needed therapy later?)! As artwork, however, they're delightful-- funny, strange & fearless; some are kind of dark and many of them have the characteristic elongated Paul Klee eyes.

Ok, art history lesson is over. If you want to see more, you can visit the Klee Museum site. But unless you can read German, it'll be a feast for the eyes more than an informational visit.

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allison said...

oh i love switzerland! i have been priviliged enough to visit there a few times and i fell in love with the country - how lucky you are to have family there! i had not, however, heard of Paul Klee, but i am so intrigued by his work - many thanks (and thanks to this wonderful www)for introducing me.